[ Innovation ]

Special attention has been paid to engineer the aerodynamic shape, which gives Panthera excellent handling at low speeds and superior stall/post-stall characteristics. Panthera's organic curves are a product of optimization through advanced, in-house developed
computer tools, where each detail is designed to ensure minimum drag and maximum efficiency. This allowed for Panthera to be designed and flown in a virtual environment with a great degree of accuracy even before the first component was produced.

[ Configurations ]

The retractable landing gear features a full trailing link design with an oleo-pneumatic suspension element on all three wheels. The main undercarriage struts are innovatively built from grade five titanium for increased robustness, light weight and care free operation on standard and/or rugged runways.

[ Cabin Comfort ]

The instrument panel is designed to embrace the pilot and provide ultimate sensation, while optimizing outside visibility.
By having just one central pillar, the pilot's view forward and sideways is virtually unobstructed, thus greatly improving the safety of flight.
Exquisite and hand crafted leather shapes the interior of the Panthera. Seating comfort is guaranteed by a selection of materials with different softness. The result is a breathable,
multi zone support seat, making
those 1000NM flights your best travel experience.

[ Instruments ]

Years of research in human interface and ergonomics contributed to the superior design of the cabin and the pilot space. As soon as you grab the power lever, you feel the Panthera experience. The innovative and patented 3D trim interface allows the pilot to trim the aircraft in a quicker, more intuitive and precise way.
On the full IFR panel there are three functional areas: the upper back-up/annunciator area, the PFD/MFD area and the communication stack. The avionics are gathered around a Garmin G500 series PFD/MFD synthetic vision screen and the new state of the art Garmin GTN series touch-screen Flight Management Systems.

[ Safety ]

Panthera features a full-airframe parachute rescue system, which was specially developed to allow deployment at  both low and high speeds, as well as at low altitudes.
The cabin has been engineered as a  safety cell/roll bar with built-in
energy absorption zones, providing superior safety to the occupants in the event of an accident. The seats and safety belts are engineered to meet the latest +26G CS/FAR-23 certification standards.

[ Materials & Technology ]

Realizing Panthera's aerodynamic shape while still ensuring maximum safety and keeping the weight low would be impossible without the use of advanced next-gen materials.
The majority of the aircraft structure is made from carbon-fibre composites,
while antistatic materials and Kevlar™ strengthen the construction.
The retractable trailing-link undercarriage is built from titanium, giving it superior strength and energy absorption properties at minimum system weight.